• March 22, 2022

Is forex trading legal?

Forex trading has no formal legal status anywhere in the world. Most countries allow their citizens to trade in Forex, but there are some formal and informal restrictions.   It should note that formal regulations do not necessarily equate with enforcement, so it is essential to recognize that even if specific laws exist, they may…

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Leading and Lagging Trading Indicators Every Forex Trader Should Use

The use of trading indicators in forex trading should be in every trader’s strategy. When paired with adequate risk management tools, trading indicators give traders a deeper insight into market trends and price changes. As a forex trader, you can help your trade by using technical analysis to inform your trading decisions. This includes studying…

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Islamic Forex Trading Software

As the demand for Islamic Forex trading grew so did the demand for software to support the trades. Development of Forex software has been a rapid occurrence in the field. The Islamic Forex trading software lets you watch your trades in real time online. Once you have set up your swap free account you will be able to manage your trades on your own computer.

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