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  • In Forex, What Lot Size Is Recommended for a Beginner?

    In Forex, What Lot Size Is Recommended for a Beginner?

    When starting out in forex trading, it’s important for beginners to approach lot sizing with caution. Lot size determines the volume of a trade position and plays a significant role in risk management and capital preservation. Choosing an appropriate lot size is crucial to ensure that beginners can navigate the market with a manageable level of risk. In this article, we will explore the recommended lot size for beginners in forex trading. 1. Introduction Forex trading offers significant profit potential, but it also involves inherent risks. Lot size is a critical aspect of risk management, as it determines the exposure

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  • The dollar is on fire, and the market is stumbling

    The dollar is on fire, and the market is stumbling

    How events affect the markets There were several top-tier primary occurrences and themes this past week in late April 2022, some of which might have set the market in motion even though there was a lot of anticipation. After a month of increasingly intense speculation designed to build up anticipation for an accelerated approach of monetary policy tightening from the FED, we were finally in the media blackout period, which would allow other issues to feed wild rumours. However, despite this, it appears that the dollar’s relentless rise was the only consistency we could discover during the past week. Bulls

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  • Index CFD Trade-How They Work

    Index CFD Trade-How They Work

    CFD trading can be defined as being the selling and buying of CFDs. CFD is an acronym of contract for difference. This derivative product enables traders to make financial market speculations like commodities, indices, forex, and shares without the need to take ownership.  Instead, CFD trading means you agree to change the pricing difference of assets from when the contract opens to when it closes.  With CFD, traders also get to speculate price movement in any direction. As such, the loss and profit traders make often depend on how correct or wrong your forecast was. This speculation is what makes

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  • The truth about forex trading

    The truth about forex trading

    When it comes to making money in today’s fast-paced world, many people are tempted by get-rich-quick schemes and other dubious investment opportunities. However, investments like forex trading require time, effort, and perseverance if you want to succeed. The financial markets are complex and constantly changing, making it challenging to develop the skills necessary for profitable trading. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of success in forex trading – even professional traders experience losses from time to time. So, if you’re considering getting involved in forex trading, remember that it takes both skill and hard work to succeed in this challenging field.

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  • Will the EUR/USD volatility increase ahead of GDP and CPI data from Ukraine?

    Will the EUR/USD volatility increase ahead of GDP and CPI data from Ukraine?

    The US dollar may skyrocket in the coming week as market-wide anxiety grips investors following the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and hawkish remarks from the FED. The anti-risk Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc may benefit from an uptick, but the Greenback might have the edge over its rivals because of its enormous liquidity. Following remarks from the Fed that it has a hawkish view despite a slew of volatility-inducing events, markets fell last week. The S&P 500 gaped lower on Monday, but it recovered and closed in the green. Risk aversion dominated across asset classes in the stock market, and the

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  • Price action setups for US dollar forex pairs

    Price action setups for US dollar forex pairs

    The US dollar has been unstoppable lately, and it hit a new 19-year high today. As seen in the Q2 forecast, the US Dollar’s strength has already been present for some time. The prospect of a stronger dollar was teased in Q1 of 2021, but it quieted down in Q2 before resurfacing in Q3. The FED’s ramping up of Quantitative Easing has resulted in a slow and steady decline in the dollar. Since then, it’s kept on growing as more powerful and more robust inflation pushes the FED further away from easy money policies that got us into this mess.

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