• February 26, 2021
Mental Hacks That Will Transform Your Forex Trading Game

Mental Hacks That Will Transform Your Forex Trading Game

Success is defined as accomplishing an aim set towards something one is tasked to do. For success to come forth from a business anything one is doing; has to begin from the mind.  As the saying goes, it is what we think, that we become.

For forex traders to succeed in the trading game, they have to set their mind to winning and not losing. It is in very rare cases that win come forth when one’s mind is set on losing.

3 Mental Hacks That Will Transform Your Forex Trading Game

For a forex trader to win they need to gain some mental hacks. This article will highlight three mental hacks that will transform a forex trader’s trading game.

Learn to detach yourself completely from live trades

When a forex trader places a trade on live trade and wants to keep track of how the trade will go, they will most likely be emotionally drained. Professional forex traders do not follow up on live trades immediately after placing a trade.

It is always wise to let the trading game flow and have the results announced once the trade is done. As much as one may believe in themselves and feel strong enough that they cannot weep over a live trade, they might just end up doing so. The emotional drain comes by especially when a forex trades sees the trade going against his or her expectations.

The diverse movement of the trade will make the forex trader have immediate thoughts of failure in the trading gain. It is for this reason that forex traders should learn to completely detach themselves from live trades.

Think of forex trading as a mental war

A forex trader needs to do his trading like any other business. A forex trader should keep in mind that they are many other competitors in the forex trading game and hence treat or think of the trading game as a mental war.

A forex trader could achieve this by getting into the trading game prepared. The preparation comes in by going through the market prices often, making friends with successful forex traders, and being confident while placing the game.

If one is not sure or so confident in placing trades perhaps because they are just starting off or out of fear of facing another loss, they could contract a registered forex trader to place their trades on their behalf. A forex trader should not let the forex broker do everything on their behalf and not learn anything from what the brokers are doing.

Having a forex broker placing a trade on behalf of a forex trader would be the best time for a forex trader to learn one or two things in regards to the forex trading game. It is also key that a forex trader psyches themselves up when placing trades despite facing a lose the last time they traded.

Forex traders should keep in mind that the trading games bring forth wins and lose hence that is just part of the game and it does not mean one will keep losing.

Do not let money make you look funny

Like earlier mentioned, wins and losses are part of the trading game. When a forex trader loses, some amount of money is taken away from his trading account and when a win comes by, the money is toped up.

A forex trader must learn how much to risk in a trading game. It is always advised to risk less to avoid big losses. A forex trader should also learn of the best time to enter and exit a loss. If one is not too good at it, it is always good to seek help from a registered forex broker or the trading platform one is trading under.  

A forex trader must therefore have a mental hack of not letting money make them look funny but be confident throughout the trading game and keep the win and lose expectation in mind.


This article discussed three mental hacks that will transform your forex trading game. The three mental hacks are learning to detach yourself completely from live trades, thinking of forex trading as a mental war, and not letting money make you look funny.