• July 5, 2009

Top Ten Islamic Forex Sites

I have done quite a bit of research on Islamic Forex sites and can tell you there are many that are available to you. The top ten Islamic Forex sites that I have found are as follows.

1. ACM Online Trading Services. This company has offices in New York, Geneva, Zurich, Montevideo, and Dubai. Its online trading system is performed by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance. They boast about being completely safe with their Forex trading technology.
2. FXOpen provides online support to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can open a mini account with as little as one dollar. Their trades are in real time and they offer instant trade execution.
3. MoneyForex Financial offers traditional Forex accounts as well as swap free Islamic Forex accounts. You simply have to request and sign up for the swap free account and fax your request to them to get started. This will allow you to comply with Shariah law concerning trades and interest charges.
4. Muslim-Investor.com is another great place to set up your Islamic Forex trading account. This website is a Forex site that is devoted solely to Forex accounts that comply with Shariah laws. It has been developed to assist Muslims worldwide with their Forex trades.
5. Tadawulfx.com was the first website to offer Forex accounts with Islamic conditions that met Shariah laws. They offer trading software that you can download directly from their website.
6. ForexandPips.com offer Islamic trading accounts that you can manage on your own or have a broker to manage them for you. They offer a free course to get you started in your quest to learn Forex trading.
7. TopForexCompanies.com will let you open a practice account until you are reading to get started with the real thing. They offer tutorials to get you started and will help you get your real Islamic Forex trading account off to a good start.
8. Marketiva has been online since 2005. They have great support for you and offer fast order execution. They offer no interest for Muslim investors. There are no accounts available to U.S. citizens though.
9. Forex4you is based in the United Kingdom and has been doing Forex trading since 2007. They offer oil trading as well as Islamic Forex trading. You can fund your account with a credit card or wire transfer.
10. Arab Financial Broker is based in Kuwait and has been conducting Islamic Forex trades since 2008. They are a little newer to the market, but offer close to home services for those doing business out of the Middle Eastern countries.

So in the world of Islamic Forex websites there are a lot of choices. I would suggest doing research on each company you are interested in to see if their clients are satisfied with the service they receive from their brokers. Select someone who you trust and can work with.